Get Gardening!

Since we’re spending so much time and putting so much energy into my little gardening series I thought I’d give it  its own page!  Once this blog has moved onto different pastures if you’re still interested in everything green, eco-loving, gardening and more – here are the quick links to my entire series.

Getting my Garden on!
An explanation of the series and why I want to start my garden.

Starting a Garden
The 4-1-1 on planning your garden.

Matchmaking and Marigolds
What the novice needs to know about companion planting and crop rotating.

Alternative & Apartment Gardening
Some helpful, environmentally and wallet friendly advice on starting a garden in an apartment.

Adventures in Garlic
Trying my hand at growing garlic in the kitchen.

Vermiqueen Tells All!
Check out this awesome interview with the Vermiqueen, vermicomposting expert.

Compost Here We Come!
Information to start you toward a healthier lifestyle and healthier plants!

Greg the Garlic
My garlic saga continues with this installment detailing how to make a windowsill planter from recycled materials and a little soil booster for your potting needs.

Saving Seeds
Learn how you can save money by saving the seeds from your grocery store vegetables!

I’ll update as I publish more posts.


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