I’m a mom.  Now what?  I started this blog over a year ago to share the joys and struggles and every day experiences as I approached motherhood for the first time.  I knew becoming a mother wouldn’t be the end of being me; that I still need my own identity.  I still wholeheartedly believe that the world needs a little me and I need a little me that is just ME, not Mommy.  But now that my precious baby girl is 8 months old and I’m finally feeling close to hitting that proverbial stride, “more than mommy” is more than I thought it was, being mommy is more than I knew it was.

I want to discover me and I want to discover mommy.  I want to seek out all that I’m capable of.  Uncover all that I’m called to.  Face what I am challenged with and overcome what I’m frightened of.  This blog should be more than dirty dishes and stinky diapers, laundry and my love life – although those things have their place.

Whether it be crafts or cramps or cranky nights – I am mommy, I am me; let’s find out what that means.


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