Eco eco everywhere!!!

I know we are supposed to be talking about all the excellent gardening know-how I am gathering but can we just have a quick moment to mention all the awesome homesteady, self-relianty, eco-super-cool-stuff I am finding?!!


I just went through all my sustainability pins and have come back with a trove of fabulously green fixins for my home that I can’t wait to share with you!!


Ugh!  Learning about being a better garden-mama is great but as it is the dead of winter, that project will have to wait while all these other fun thing-a-ma-bobs just sit there taunting me!


::Sigh::  But because I love you, my faithful WordPress family – I shall not let our journey of knowledge be derailed.  I shall stay the course and follow through.  Let us finish our series in due course before we move on to clever tutorials full of pretty colors and flashy designs.

Thank you, that is all.


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