Getting my garden on!

I have been wanting to start my own garden for the past four years but I’ve never had the space or even enough natural light in our previous, window-handicapped apartment.  I did have a brief, dinky flower garden which our down stair neighbors promptly filled with cigarette butts and the occasional stray Pabst Blue Ribbon can.  Charming.  However, now we have a whole yard to develop how we like!  It isn’t huge but there is a cozy spot in the back corner with lots of sun that it already plotted out as it used to be a flower garden.  A little digging, a little weeding, a little fertilizing and voila!  Our first vegetable garden.

My mom always had a garden when I was living at home.  We grew tomatoes, zucchini, squash, onions, bell peppers, frying peppers, hot peppers, and some very flavorless watermelons.  In the summer we would go down to the garden and pick something fresh to fry up, grill, broil, or bake for dinner that night.  While I always appreciated the harvest, I very seldom did any of the sowing, tilling, or even watering.  Everyone says that gardening is this great relaxing and stress relieving endeavor but I know myself well enough that it will more likely be a bit of a challenge for me.  Honestly, I am a little lazy so I’ll be exercising my just-get-up-and-do-it muscle.

Even though my flower gardens haven’t enjoyed much success in the past I am really looking forward planting some veggies!  Also, it’s going to help me tick off a few new year resolutions, like saving money this year.  The best deal I’ve ever found in the grocery store for tomatoes on the vine was $1.99 per lb. but a few $5 tomato plants will produce fruit for an entire season!  When I was working as a personal chef the family I cooked for had between 5-8 tomato plants which grew more produce than we could ever use – and they were a family of 6 adults who loved tomato products!

Aside from saving money, having a garden will also help me accomplish my other resolution of getting outside more and taking the baby outside more too!  I’ll forgive myself for being a hermit now because Pennsylvania winters are rough but come spring and summer – I NEED NEED NEED to get out of my freaking house.  We’ve got three more months of cold and I already have cabin fever.

So to get myself ready for a sunnier, healthier, and cheaper summer I am Pinterest-ing like a mad woman!  I love Pinterest – it’s like Google with thumbnails!  What I like to do is gather all the good looking articles in my neatly organized boards, head back to read through all of them at once, and collect my research.  Because I am so awesome and I just love you guys I’ve decided to share the wealth!  For however long it takes I’ve decided to do a series of all the gardening, eco-friendly, diy, and sustainability tips, tricks, and info I find.

Here is my tentative schedule:

Pinterest Research

  • starting a garden
  • composting
  • canning/freezing
  • getting rid of disposable items
  • diy baby care
  • eco-friendly housekeeping
  • energy-saving techniques/diy
  • sustainable lifestyle
  • homesteading

I’m excited to get started and share everything I learn!  Happy gardening!


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