Early Christmas

(Just a little warning.  My head is full of cotton and my chest is full of salt from this cold so please forgive any incoherence in this post.)

We came home last night after spending a night at the husband’s brother’s house.  My sister-in-law Mel has become my best friend this past year and we love just hanging out, drinking wine, and watching our babies play together.  It’s always fun to spend time with family but it feels even better to come home to our own messy house, our own lazy routine, and soak in the quiet comfort.

The baby and I will be spending tonight and tomorrow night alone as her daddy has to work so we decided to have a little early Christmas last night.  I enjoyed the excitement and tension of going to bed Christmas eve and trying to fall asleep as fast as I could to wake up early in the morning and race to my presents!  It’s still fun now when we visit our family and are surrounded by big boxes and bigger laughs.  But in our little family of 3 we’ve come to appreciate a more laid back, relaxing Christmas.

We were so happy to be home and feeling so warm and comfortable after dinner we decided to open our presents then!  Little one went first and had a very sweet first Christmas.  As I was taking pictures of her opening and playing with her gifts I noticed the wrinkled onsie sporting splashes of soup from dinner and wondered whether I should have put her in something more festive.  Would that have made our Christmas more special though?  If we were “pinterest-perfect”?

I don’t want to use this post to bemoan the perfectionist anxiety plaguing the pinterest generation but I will just take a moment to say a little something… We were tired, smelly, and messy.  The dishes weren’t done, the floor wasn’t vacuumed or even cleared of toys.  We weren’t wearing our Christmas best or being followed by a professional photographer.  We had our Christmas in our home, not a perfectly lit photo shoot.  And it was wonderful, sweet, and authentic.

We gave our gifts, kisses all around, and settled down to enjoy ourselves and each other for the rest of the night.  We ate soup and sandwiches for dinner and left the wrapping paper on the floor till morning.  Not the prettiest Christmas perhaps, or the most traditional, but it was all our own and we loved it!

Merry Christmas!


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