Christmas Christmas Christmas

So I know I’ve only just outed myself as yet-another-mom-on-etsy but for me the development and testing and picking out of yarns and buttons and banners has been months.  After I finished my star cuff crochet boots I had all these ideas for booties and accessories with wild and crazy stitches.  The actual making and success of those ideas has not been what I was so optimistically hoping for.


Rather than exhaust my patience and begin loathing my hooks, I have decided to take a little break tonight and make something fun!  Amigurumis (crochet toys) were the first things I ever crocheted with great success.  When the first set of my nieces and nephews popped out they were all greeted with their own handmade animal buddy!  A squirrel for Mason, owls for Elora, Dean, & Reagan, an elephant for Titus, and a bunny for Avi.  Sadly though, I have only made one floppy-eared pathetic bunny for our little girl.  So tonight I thought I’d remedy that by watching some tv, making some critters, and eating a humongous chocolate bar.

Rest, relaxation, amigurumis. 🙂


If you haven’t crocheted before it isn’t too late to learn and the patterns for these toys are very repetitive and only require you know how to do a single crochet.  Here is a link to learn the single crochet: YouTube.

These toys are especially good for us this year because it is our first Christmas as parents so we want it to be special for Autumn… but we don’t have very much money.  Solution!  A ball of yarn costs between $3-5 and can make dozens of small animals and dolls.  Stuffing for the inside comes in a pillow sized bag for about $5 as well.  So you can make a bag full of adorable best friends for your special little guy or girl for less than $1 piece depending on how big those friends are.  I plan on filling a stocking full of owls, foxes, birds, and turtles!

Here are the owls I am making tonight but I plan on using 4 colors!  Will upload the updates later!


If you want to see more amigurumi patterns as well as a bunch of other crochet stuff you can visit my Pinterest project center!  All the patterns for these critters is on my pinterest as well.


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