It isn’t a sandwich shop but it’s something

It isn’t a sandwich shop but it’s something.

I’ve opened my own little store on Etsy.  Notice that nondescript link under the banner and in front of Facebook?  Yep, that’s it, stressful little thing.

I was encouraged to open it after I shared a pair of booties I crocheted for Autumn when her feet were, at the same time, too small and too fat to fit into store-bought baby shoes.  They weren’t long or wide but incredibly plump and shook right out of the ill-fitting shoes I tried to cram them into.

I crocheted before our wriggly baby was born.  I made her a crib blanket that I call her watermelon blanket because it’s stripes of hot pink, lime green, and dark green.  But these boots were the first I’ve made since she joined our family.  I’ve never sold anything that I’ve made before but decided, what the heck, I’ll give it a try.  It also makes me feel better knowing that my “hobby” might, at the very least, pay for itself.

I found this really incredible yarn that is usually used to make ruffle scarves with but after I made one and tried it on I felt like the bottom of a flamenco dancing costume.  Instead I found a great tutorial on how to arm knit and created a few really beautiful cowls.  My sister-in-law, Mel, has such a genuine smile I asked her to model them for me.

Another yarn I call T-shirt yarn because it seriously just feels like a poly-cotton T that has been cut and spun into yarn.  Also arm knit.  It’s stretchy and looks like netting.

But what I really wanted to sell and what the shop is named for, “Autumn’s Boots,” are my booties!  It took me two months of experimenting and studying various patterns for baby boots until I decided on a design.  I used a beautiful stitch called a star or daisy stitch to add an original detail along the foot and cuff of the boots.  Lots and lots of yarn was sacrificed to perfect my pattern.  However, I am so proud of my handy work because it is soft, durable, and completely my own design.  Right now the color options are brown tweed, mossy green, and ivory but I’m hoping to add a rusty orange for fall and hot pink just because!

I’m in the process now of testing a few other ideas for boot designs in my head.  Unfortunately, ideas come easier than results.  I am not content with floppy, silly looking designs.  It isn’t satisfying to make something you don’t love!  If you want to see my other items you can follow the link to the shop.  The Facebook link isn’t my personal facebook but I use it to post “crochet news” (neat stitches and patterns I find), as well as updates about my current shop projects, sales, and giveaways.  I might as well tell you about the other links while we’re here.  The pinterest is just my personal page and is where I learned most of what I know about crochet.  Last, but not least, is my instagram ( @bristles.and.hook ) and there you can find the latest pics of my crochet goings-on as well as pics of the mischievously adorable baby Autumn.

As always, thanks for reading and I hope you like my shop because I’m putting a lot of work into developing it and I’m excited about the places it is heading!  Check out my links!! because I don’t put enough about my personal life on here.  And Merry Christmas!


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