I suppose I should apologize for my little unannounced sabbatical from the wordy world.  I started a blog to assert my more than mommy-hood and was absolutely schooled when this little bundle of responsibility showed up.  Was it lack of sleep or hormone induced brain failure that caused me to stop writing?  I’m not quite sure but what I do know is I need to earn your trust and readership back.  I can’t just swan in with a new look and some new posts and expect a red carpet.  I’d love to tell you that I plan on writing everyday!  Oh and always washing my dish as soon as I am done with it.  As well exercising every morning, reading every night, and never ordering fast food again!!  But an early lesson I learned as mommy is that plans can be waylaid so I give you this:

While I would love to write everyday, I will strive to entertain, engage, and inspire when I do and I hope that that is often.

As far as dishes and exercising are concerned, I shall bear my cross with dignity… or at least a moody silence.

Concerning the “new do” if you’ve read a bit of my blog before you’ll know that I’ve removed all of my old posts and have rewritten my about page (now titled “manifesto” because it sounds deep and alluring).  I considered creating a new page and archiving a few for posterity but I’d really like to start fresh.  I feel so different from the woman who wrote those posts and while I admire and appreciate her because she brought me here, I’m ready to know this new me that motherhood is revealing.  Also, it’s late and this glass of wine is speaking softly to me, “Move on.”

So if I can have your trust again, let’s start fresh.  Hi!  If you’re interested here is a place you can find me and I can find me too.


5 thoughts on “Trust

  1. Aww love it? And you know I didn’t think I would change any further being a mum to a 7 year old already but you know what, having this second child has changed me a whole lot and I’m feeling more comfortable and happy within myself…or is dat the sleep deprivation talking? Lo.

    1. I feel the same way! I had no idea that I would get this sudden boost of confidence – or is it that I just no longer care if my clothes are wrinkled and my hair is sticky uppy? lol LO is finally sleeping in her own bed and mostly through the night. 4 hours of undisturbed sleep never felt so invigorating!

      1. Brilliant! My son was sleeping 6 hours at night but 2 weeks ago he started going back to only 2-3 hour intervals it’s crazy. He is 6 months now so hoping it’s just a growth spurt and he will soon go back to at least 6 hours if not 8 lol

      2. Is he teething? LO stopped napping all together and only slept for short intervals at night when she was teething around 6 months.

      3. He has two bottom teeth which he has had since 4 months. Maybe the top ones are coming in too but the gum doesn’t look red raw? I dunno lol.

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