A Time for Peace

This post was almost something completely different. I sat down to my computer fully intending on this post being our topic of conversation today while husband fiddled with his new phone and little girl rolled happily on the floor. Setting about my task, before I type a single letter my attention is called away from the screen to the whimper and fuss of a stuck baby.
“Hun, will you please go extricate your baby?” Is just another way to say good morning as my goofy girl has pinned herself under the open cabinet door of our TV stand. We aren’t exactly crawling yet but rocking on all fours, rolling, and pivoting and in this particular instance little girl has trapped herself while attempting to pilfer some delicious hiney wipes! The mouthwatering temptation of pampers wipes has wafted an aloe aroma across the floor to my opportunistic baby who braves strewn toys, random socks, and a fair few pieces of lint to snatch at this forbidden fruit.
Morning is not always a time for peace! Sometimes it is a time for adventure, thievery, and giggles because the site of my daughter’s anxious face as she realizes her predicament is absolutely hilarious. I’m not a naughty mommy for laughing at my baby’s problems, am I? Nah!

First world baby problems: Got stuck under the TV cabinet while trying to steal the wipes!

Crisis averted we can now start the day! However, even as I (metaphorically) pen that sentence there are loud gabbles calling from the floor while their source grins at me like a goofy cat, rocking on all fours. Speaking of cats and a bit more on subject, my little cat is actually doing a very good cat pose right now. Arching and resting her back in intervals on all fours, occasionally extending one leg behind her. Only 8 months and she’s already better at yoga than me. And that is how we transition!

Yoga! I did it when I was younger and loved it but have fallen very much out of practice in recent years. My cat pose is appalling, my downward dog is dreadful, and the breathing is just impossible. It isn’t any easier that my time for peace is frequently interrupted as child’s pose is a perfect opportunity for little hands to find mommy’s hair and little nails to scratch mommy’s arms and face. I’ve started a 30 day yoga challenge on YouTube to help kick start myself back into it.

I’m on day 3 and have already noticed a few changes. Not just for the better because the yoga is already so helpful as part of my morning routine. It is a great source of energy to start the day and my back, where the bulk of my problems lie, is starting to loosen and relax. But as I do the poses and attempt the breathing (which let me just point out I used to be very VERY good at!) I am noticing how much my body has changed since having a baby. I’ve always been pretty flexible but doing some of the stretches this morning made me feel like I could probably unhinge my hips like a snake’s jaw and swing them around!

Part of discovering this new me has been very physical. My body is just different now and I like it! Growing up I was the tall girl in class, lanky and curveless – unless you count the one in my spine, thanks heredity! Even after I lost the baby weight I noticed my clothes fit differently now. The way I feel about my body has changed also. I’ve never had a negative body image but I’ve been very self conscious in the past; aware of my physical body to the point of awkwardness. It isn’t simply that I no longer have the time or energy to be self conscious. I feel comfortable. I feel at home in my own skin.

Also, instead of being so focused on how I look, I am much more aware of how I feel. I could eat that Whopper Jr. with cheese, fries, and ranch dipping sauce – I could also do cocaine but the high never lasts as long as the low. When did putting good things in my body feel so goood! (Notice extra ‘o’ that means it’s extra goooood.) But again that is only the physical. I care about how I feel about my body – if that makes sense. I don’t want to dislike my body, how it feels to live inside it or how it looks, so I don’t.
It feels good when my body feels good and it feels good to feel good about my body! I made and introduced a new human to the world through this body. Quirks and all, she and I have finally reached an understanding. We can’t live without each other so let’s love instead. I don’t have the time, energy, or excuse not to be cozy in my little home so I think I’ll try the alternative.

I am healthy and have done amazing things with this body, wrinkles and lumps and all!


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